3 Easy Ways to Manually Update Windows 10 (Version 1903) Last ned

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  • 4. jun. 2019

  • Windows released in May 2019 the 1903 update and it is slowly rolling out in different regions. If you want to grab the update as quick as possible, we show you how that can be done with 3 easy methods. In this video we show you how to update to Microsoft Windows 1903 using 3 different options. This how-to can be used for future use in manually pushing any Windows 10 update. Windows Update Link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/softw... *Note June 10, 2019: We have confirmed that 1903 is REQUIRED for the Xbox Game Pass for PC open beta. Buy Windows 10 on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2EG23o1 (Disclaimer: the above link is an Amazon Associate link and we will earn a small commission if you click on this link and purchase the product on Amazon.) ► HelpCloud is your Go-To Tech Resolution Hub. Our search engine offers answers with resolution and if our search doesn’t find your tech resolution then our supplemental tech support or inquiry services can: https://www.helpcloud.com ► For immediate support, fill out form here: https://ask.helpcloud.com/get-help/ ► Or call: 1-800-774-2740 ► Check out our studio, unbox, and gaming PC build equipment here: https://kit.com/HelpCloud


  • HelpCloud
    HelpCloud For 1 år siden

    We have confirmed that 1903 is REQUIRED for the Xbox Game Pass for PC open beta!

  • Allan Zoomfig
    Allan Zoomfig For 11 md. siden

    Thank god i found you man, i thought i was gonna be stuck on this outdated 10240 version

  • Anna Perez
    Anna Perez For 7 md. siden

    Thank you !!! I haven’t use my desktop in a while and it was getting my nerves that it said I needed to update but it wasn’t doing it

  • The one true pepe
    The one true pepe For 1 år siden

    mine is stuck a t100% god damn it

  • KingBobXIV
    KingBobXIV For 7 md. siden

    Thanks for the tips, update center was completely stalling for me and failing all my updates - hoping the manual installer works :v

  • Zaesting
    Zaesting For 6 md. siden

    If I restart my pc to update through settings it goes into an infinite loop. If windows randomly decides to update it starts to update but then freezes on random numbers like 30% or 70%. When the update freezes the loading balls going around even stop and I have to restart to go back to the previous restore point. Really need some help I even reinstalled windows

  • Dodanim 27
    Dodanim 27 For 7 md. siden

    Thanks for the tips

  • Balasubramanian H
    Balasubramanian H For 2 md. siden

    Sir can you please tell me if i update my Laptop windows 10 to windows 10 version 1903 will there any files (data) loss

  • Miah 17
    Miah 17 For 8 md. siden

    Glad I stumbled on this video, was going crazy with troubleshoot telling me nothing is wrong no issues found. USB! was screwing up the install and caused “update failed “... unplugged all usb and now it’s installing update. Thanks for the info 👍🏼😎

  • jaanbanaan
    jaanbanaan For 1 år siden

    Thanks! Your tutorials help as always.

  • Pot Head
    Pot Head For 11 md. siden

    Mine says thank you for updating but then on my windows app it says download new update still, and it keeps on failing on that. HELP

  • PurPle Raven
    PurPle Raven For 1 år siden

    yea like others are saying, your gonna get a massive boost in subs and views

  • Lily Samson
    Lily Samson For 11 md. siden (redigert)

    👍🏼...Your vocal speed is like being around my Italian family except you shared a lot of useful content ...😆

  • khaluna
    khaluna For 6 md. siden

    more wins bro, it worked

  • Aditya Rajkhowa Lama
    Aditya Rajkhowa Lama For 11 md. siden

    You're so underrated

  • loganic
    loganic For 3 dager siden

    The 2nd way is working for me. Thank you for your help bro.

  • MyNameIsStewy
    MyNameIsStewy For 1 år siden

    Thank you for making a simple and easy to understand video.

  • HelpCloud
    HelpCloud For 1 år siden

    Question of the Day: What upgrade method worked best for you?

  • Hack Miyer
    Hack Miyer For 1 år siden

    your about to get a ton more views.

  • Attalariq Awzan
    Attalariq Awzan For 7 md. siden

    thanks man, woooooah