3-Blade Versus 2-Blade E-Prop on Parajet Maverick / Vitorazzi Moster 185 Plus Last ned

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  • 16. okt. 2019

  • Our impressions of the 3 Blade versus 2 Blade E-prop Carbon Fiber Propeller on the Parajet Maverick Moster 185 plus. We also show a comparison of the different sound these two props produce. ---------------- One Up Adventures provide paramotor beginner pilot training, advanced pilot training, tandem flights, tandem instructor training and certification, and paramotor and paragliding equipment sales. Have a group of 3-4, and we'll bring our training program and equipment to you! We also lead adventure flying trips around the world. Check us out at: https://www.oneupadventures.com email: info@oneupadventures.com Call: 1-833-BE-ALIVE


  • WoodysGamertag
    WoodysGamertag For 11 md. siden

    I have a three blade prop on my tornado and it does exactly what I bought it for... look cool on the ground.

    TONY LAWRENCE For 11 md. siden

    hmm, very impressed with the knowledge.....2 blade and 3 blade. thumbs up. i always like knowledge ;0)

  • Peter Eriksson
    Peter Eriksson For 11 md. siden

    Great content as always, keep em coming 👍

  • StemToStern MS
    StemToStern MS For 11 md. siden

    Sounds like the three blade is best for the XC pilot for the smoothness and two blade for the foot dragging hot dog for the quick spool and cheaper repair.

  • heydonray
    heydonray For 2 md. siden

    Nice comparo. Thanks for the extra effort in the alternating clips. That really boroughs the point home.

  • Shawn Ferguson
    Shawn Ferguson For 11 md. siden (redigert)

    Great comparison and vid. I love my three blade. It made all the difference on my trikebuggy with over 3.5 m/s climb rate compared to 2.5 on single blade prop. I get off the ground half the distance as before too. I don't know how I missed your videos, keep up the good work!

  • Николай Коля
    Николай Коля For 2 uker siden


  • John Petriew
    John Petriew For 9 md. siden

    3 blade E prop Rocks!! I am amazed with the difference!!! Thanks Kyle and Travis!!

  • Gene Lomas
    Gene Lomas For 9 md. siden (redigert)

    Nice video, is there anywhere I can go to find the thrust details for this prop..?

  • 009to090
    009to090 For 11 md. siden

    I agree with all of your observations. On my powered Hang Glider, I used a 3-blade. A while ago, I had asked Eric about the differences of a 3-blade on a PPG, and he had a more negative comment. I guess it depends on what you are expecting out of your prop. When I get my moster, I will certainly give both a try.

  • Stan Barankiewicz
    Stan Barankiewicz For 11 md. siden

    Very informative, the sound comparison is great! Can I get one for my Nitro 200?

  • Thundercat _
    Thundercat _ For 4 md. siden

    This is a good video, but still doesn't do it justice...I liken the e-prop's whine while in flight to a P-51's supercharger spooling up!

  • terry roberts
    terry roberts For 3 md. siden


  • Brandon Hughes
    Brandon Hughes For 11 md. siden

    I like the sound of the 2 blade way more, but I'm a big guy and always looking for more thrust. Do you notice it burning about 1/3 more fuel?

    R WARRIOR For 10 md. siden

    Hey Travis, I thought you RETIRED??

  • William Gleason
    William Gleason For 11 md. siden

    Does this prop assist in better mileage?

  • Robert Michiels
    Robert Michiels For 11 md. siden

    Can you guys come on the show Thursday. (Tomorrow night?) 6pm pacific time?

  • Barrio Sesamo
    Barrio Sesamo For 9 md. siden

    more power more consumption ?

  • BFBF Nick
    BFBF Nick For 11 md. siden

    Since you're adding an extra tip vertices did you notice any change in fuel economy? Anybody playing around with single blade/counterweight props for paramotors?

  • Dreaklock
    Dreaklock For 11 md. siden

    How does the 3 blade affect fuel consumption versus the 2 blade on the Maverick?