2019 Carpool Karaoke ft. My Favorite YouTubers Last ned

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  • 27. des. 2019

  • HAPPY HOLIDAYS SISTERS! 2019 has been quite the roller coaster, so I wanted to end it off with some of favorite YouTubers & best friends that made my year special. ❤️Colleen Ballinger, Joey Graceffa, Manny MUA, Nikita Dragun, Larray, my a cappella friends, & best friends all drive around with me and sing Christmas songs! Enjoy!! 🎥 PREVIOUS VIDEO » https://youtu.be/xpu-nicvYzE 👕 SISTER'S APPAREL » http://sisters-apparel.com 🛎 Subscribe to my channel to join the sisterhood & hit the notification bell so you never miss an upload! » http://bit.ly/JamesCharles for new videos! __ ❤️ LET'S BE BFFS INSTAGRAM » http://instagram.com/jamescharles TWITTER » http://twitter.com/jamescharles SNAPCHAT » jamescharless TIKTOK » jamescharles __ 💸 COUPON CODES 💸 MORPHE BRUSHES » http://morphebrushes.com Use code "JAMES" for 10% off all products online AND in store! LILLY LASHES » https://lillylashes.com/ Use code "JAMES" for 15% off all lashes LAURAS BOUTIQUE » http://lauras-boutique.com Use code "JAMES" for 10% off all items SKINDINAVIA » http://skindinavia.com Use code "JAMES" for 25% off all products __ ♡ MY AMAZING TEAM DIRECTOR OF CONTENT: Louis Gargiula http://instagram.com/louisgargiula EDITOR: Ryan Allen http://www.youtube.com/user/helloxryan GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov http://instagram.com/michael.ny


  • Nikita Dragun
    Nikita Dragun For 8 md. siden

    2019 was tough but i’m so glad we can laugh and sing to end the year on the right kinda off pitch note ♥️ love u

  • Adriana Herdemian
    Adriana Herdemian For 1 md. siden

    joey: “2020 is gonna be a great year”....... us watching this:👁👄👁

  • Corinne
    Corinne For 1 md. siden

    Joey: “I saw a psychic, she said 2020 was going to be my best year”

  • DodoFohshow
    DodoFohshow For 2 md. siden


  • jenny davy
    jenny davy For 2 md. siden

    no one:

  • Maddox Hutchinson
    Maddox Hutchinson For 1 md. siden

    Little do they all now 2020 is garbage and they should stay in 2019

  • Jolene Fern
    Jolene Fern For 1 md. siden

    I was not aware this was a Christmas carpool 😢 it’s July and I’m now in a deep spiral of Christmas videos

  • Reign Aesthetic
    Reign Aesthetic For 1 md. siden (redigert)

    Colleen and James’s relationship is so adorable

  • Mateia Valentina
    Mateia Valentina For 2 uker siden

    James- “ what is something ur looking forward to in 2020?”

  • Danielle T.
    Danielle T. For 4 md. siden

    “My plastic silicone body protects me” scream😭😂😂

  • Shaylee Bacon
    Shaylee Bacon For 3 md. siden

    No one:

  • 5k subs without vids challenge

    “My psychic told me 2020 was going to be my most successful year”

  • Erin Savidge
    Erin Savidge For 1 md. siden

    i actually love Nikita, she’s such a legend

  • Eve Slack
    Eve Slack For 2 md. siden

    James: “what are u excited for in 2020?”

  • Ja'Kayla Taylor
    Ja'Kayla Taylor For 5 md. siden

    “She said 2020 is going to be the best “ she was wrong😂😂

  • Ari Is mad
    Ari Is mad For 2 md. siden

    “I wanna do more in 2020”

  • Łīttłē Łīå
    Łīttłē Łīå For 1 md. siden

    “What are you looking forward-“ 2020: HAHA IM NOT GONNA LET YOU GET THAT CHANCEEE

  • Regina Filangi
    Regina Filangi For 1 md. siden

    James: “ what are you looking forward to in 2020?”

  • Neviyah Conward-Johnson
    Neviyah Conward-Johnson For 1 md. siden

    LARRAY said he wants to cry less than 2020............ no we’re all crying in perfect harmony😂

  • Tessa Trujillo
    Tessa Trujillo For 2 uker siden

    James’ and Nikita sitting in the car screaming because the road is flooding.