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  • 5. feb. 2020

  • Complete highlights from the 2019 Arnold Strongman Classic, part of the Arnold Sports Festival held March 1-2, 2019, in Columbus, Ohio. Tune in March 6-8, 2020, for the full Rogue live stream of this year's Arnold Strongman Classic event and stay tuned for the full event recap happening on CBS in May. Defending champion Hafthor ""The Mountain"" Bjornsson takes center stage against many of the world's greatest strength athletes, from established legends like Brian Shaw to phenoms Martins Licis and Mateusz Ostaszewski. The competition also features high-profile events with one-of-a-kind implements provided by Rogue Fitness, including the much anticipated ""Wheel of Pain"" and a replica of the famous Icelandioc Husafell lifting stone. The $50,000 ""Rogue Record Breakers"" challenge, featuring attempts to break the 500KG Deadlift record, is also featured.


  • Alex r
    Alex r For 8 md. siden

    Look at all of the work these guys put in. Strongman deserves to be far more popular than it is rn

  • 2700elais
    2700elais For 8 md. siden

    Damn it hurt to see Brian doing mediocre relative to the others. I don’t understand why he kept going after that hamstring injury he got on the elephant bar :/

  • Robert J Robicheau
    Robert J Robicheau For 8 md. siden

    Kieliszkowski lifting the stone 5 times and destroying the field was the most impressive moment in this event. If Thor stays healthy the rest of the guys are in trouble for a few more years.

  • Thisisbb1
    Thisisbb1 For 8 md. siden

    shaw isnt a noob, but getting hurt early was the worst thing to happen. such a shame. Thor keeping the record going. i can see him next year doing the same thing easily.

  • kucuser
    kucuser For 8 md. siden

    I have to say that video about Mateusz gym makes me proud. In some countries people might feel like its a shame that an athlete like him has to train in basically a barn. But we here in Poland know that the evironment is not a couse to get a slack off. I'm proud of him and effort hes putting in this hardcore sport and thats one hardcore athlete to win it in future.

    CORONA IS BUSINESS For 6 md. siden

    With a population of 1.3 B, still nobody from India.

  • callmetrev1
    callmetrev1 For 8 md. siden

    Thor just pulled 1003lbs for 2 reps... He's going for it for sure

  • Pumpal
    Pumpal For 8 md. siden

    Awesome job by Hafthor, Martins, and Mateusz! But at the same time its soul crushing to see Brian place so low. That hamstring injury crippled his performance...

  • King Wiley
    King Wiley For 8 md. siden

    Arnold taking a selfie at

  • Mats Aabel
    Mats Aabel For 2 md. siden


  • Veer rajpurohit
    Veer rajpurohit For 8 md. siden

    Licis is the future star he is gonna break all records

  • •Finn•
    •Finn• For 5 md. siden


  • Sanjeet Rai
    Sanjeet Rai For 6 md. siden

    In stone to shoulder event,Mateusz kieliszkowski read the stone carefully and his Technic was amazing to lift the

  • Lift Weights
    Lift Weights For 8 md. siden


  • lucky luke
    lucky luke For 8 md. siden

    sorry but coming out of the strongest is Kieliszkowski

  • Ringo Monsanto
    Ringo Monsanto For 5 md. siden

    Amazing how Kieliszkowski makes it looks like he wasnt even breaking a sweat at the stone lift and could still lift the stone a couple more times!

  • Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety
    Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety For 8 md. siden

    Can't wait, Thor is looking stronger than ever in training. Best strongman show of the year.

  • fuzzyballs8726
    fuzzyballs8726 For 7 md. siden


  • E2 theLP
    E2 theLP For 8 md. siden

    So funny how Martins tossed that friggin stone off the stage hahaha

  • Maguizzi
    Maguizzi For 5 md. siden

    Haftor : “If anyone beats me then congrats to him he’s better than I am”.