The Most Deadly Job in America -- And What Happens Next Last ned

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  • Hadde premiere 12. okt. 2020

  • ‣ Thank you, crowdfunders, for making this video possible: ‣ Grey Reads the 25th Amendment: ## Crowdfunders Steven Snow, John Buchan, Nevin Spoljaric, Donal Botkin, BN-12 , Ben Delo, Bobby , Chris Chapin, Richard Jenkins, Phil Gardner, Martin, Steven Grimm, سليمان العقل, David F Watson, Colin Millions, Ben Schwab, Saki Comandao, Jason Lewandowski, Marco Arment, Shantanu Raj, rictic , emptymachine , George Lin, Henry Ng, Thunda Plum, Awoo , David Tyler, Fuesu , iulus , Jordan Earls, Joshua Jamison, Nick Fish, Nick Gibson, Tyler Bryant, Oliver Steele, Andrew Bereza, Kermit Norlund, Kevin Costello, Rebecca Wortham, Derek Bonner, Derek Jackson, Mikko , Orbit_Junkie , Ron Bowes, Tómas Árni Jónasson, Bryan McLemore, Kyle Wayman, Alex Simonides, Felix Weis, Melvin Sowah, Christopher Mutchler, Giulio Bontadini, Paul Alom, Ryan Tripicchio, Scot Melville, Julien Dubois, Bear , chrysilis , David Palomares, Emil , Erik Parasiuk, Esteban Santana Santana, Freddi Hørlyck, John Rogers, Leon , Peter Lomax, Rhys Parry, ShiroiYami , Tristan Watts-Willis, Veronica Peshterianu, Dag Viggo Lokøen, John Lee, Maxime Zielony, Elizabeth Keathley, and Nicholas Welna ## Music David Rees:


  • CGP Grey
    CGP Grey For 2 uker siden

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  • Albert Polak
    Albert Polak For 2 uker siden

    Secretary of agriculture as the designated survivor is just waiting to use nukes to finally eradicate tumbleweed.

  • Christian Kjaer
    Christian Kjaer For 2 uker siden

    I love how he just quickly goes “it was garfield and mckinnely” as we were all thinking, uh wait who were other two assasinations.

  • inakedsnakei
    inakedsnakei For 1 uke siden

    If you want to be technical, the deadliest job in america is a supreme court justice. 45 percent die serving rather than retire.

  • Comrade Ryan
    Comrade Ryan For 4 dager siden

    In this logic the most deadly job is being the pope, literally like all of them died on the job

  • SubduedRadical
    SubduedRadical For 2 uker siden

    "There REALLY isn't time." -CGP Grey. Probably.

  • danm524
    danm524 For 2 uker siden

    'CGP Grey, why did you release a video on presidential succession?'

  • Rave.n Jyro Felix
    Rave.n Jyro Felix For 1 uke siden

    This video is basically: Assistant Manager vs. Assistant TO the Manager

  • Gregory Jones
    Gregory Jones For 2 uker siden

    The “it was Garfield and McKinley” cracked me up.

  • Jack L
    Jack L For 2 uker siden

    Basically a summary of 'Designated Survivor'?? 🤣

  • Kendall Carter
    Kendall Carter For 2 uker siden

    We should appreciate that Grey is the cool history teacher that explain things in a simple and funny matter that is engaging to his students.

  • Steve Mould
    Steve Mould For 2 uker siden

    The illustration of the awkward situation was perfect

  • 100 Subscribers For My Dog
    100 Subscribers For My Dog For 2 uker siden

    One slight correction: The President Pro Tem is the longest-serving senator of the *majority party", not necessarily the longest serving senator.

  • Darkknight2001
    Darkknight2001 For 2 uker siden (redigert)


  • Spazz
    Spazz For 4 dager siden

    US: imma do this later

  • Tymoteusz Mroczkowski
    Tymoteusz Mroczkowski For 2 uker siden

    This is basically about how Laura Roslin became the president of the Colonies in Battlestar Galactica

  • Seal of Approval
    Seal of Approval For 2 uker siden

    If the Secretary of Homeland Security ever became President that would mean that he would have had to be so bad at his job that he probably shouldn't be president. Or secretary for that matter.

  • Eric Morris
    Eric Morris For 1 dag siden

    What if the person that’s receiving power killed the other 15

  • Lizzard
    Lizzard For 2 uker siden

    "I am not a dictionary." -- The US Constitution

  • Safebox Gaming
    Safebox Gaming For 2 uker siden

    "It was Garfield and McKinley."