PS5 Teardown: An up-close and personal look at the console hardware Last ned

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  • 7. okt. 2020

  • Your first look at PS5's internal components* that will power the next generation of amazing games. *Do not try this at home. Risk of exposure to laser radiation, electric shock, or other injury. Disassembling your PS5 console will invalidate your manufacturer’s guarantee. #PlayStation 5 #PS5 #teardown #deconstruct #hardware


  • GH-05 -T
    GH-05 -T For 3 uker siden

    This is what my parents see when i replace the sim card from their phones

  • Maxです
    Maxです For 1 uke siden

    comments 7 years later

  • Spectralon Gaming
    Spectralon Gaming For 4 dager siden

    Feels like Sensei is teaching us “The Jutsu of Immortality”

    ECLYPSE For 4 dager siden

    Apple : dont ever take apart our stuff it must be our secret

  • Yohan Blake
    Yohan Blake For 3 dager siden

    Sony Design team: What should we model the design after?

  • Brani
    Brani For 3 uker siden

    When you put it all back together correctly but it stops working

  • Abdulaziz Al Wahabi
    Abdulaziz Al Wahabi For 2 uker siden

    Imagine the world without Japan ..

    K4LASHINKOV GAMER For 2 uker siden

    When he opens up the disc player

  • JyTV
    JyTV For 2 uker siden

    i'm calling it, youtubes gonna randomly recommend this 7 years later

  • Jennie Kim 제니
    Jennie Kim 제니 For 1 uke siden

    Me when I have to restart the router: unplugs and plugs it back in

  • Космос Просто
    Космос Просто For 2 uker siden

    With deeper groves at a level seven

  • SuperRyU
    SuperRyU For 2 uker siden

    The system looks promising. This is a great way to demonstrate the Hardware. Thank You.

  • mangaas
    mangaas For 2 dager siden

    "The dust catcher does not guarantee the hardware clogging from dust."

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando For 1 uke siden

    This is what my grandparents see when I'm fixing the wifi router

  • Cewl Cat
    Cewl Cat For 2 uker siden (redigert)

    "Risk of exposure to laser radiation" We messing with the real stuff now boys.

  • Highgrand
    Highgrand For 3 uker siden

    "White panels can be removed"

  • Virtuoso80
    Virtuoso80 For 5 dager siden

    I'm shocked at how simple, clean, modular, and tinkerer-friendly it is. You can swap out a worn out CD player without breaking the seal. No wild, tamper-proof screws. You could replace the fan or power supply fairly easily. That's also like the most simple and elegant motherboard I've ever seen.

  • S7EVIN
    S7EVIN For 2 uker siden

    i really appreciate that they show us whats inside, well done.

  • Hyung Kook
    Hyung Kook For 3 dager siden (redigert)


  • G G
    G G For 1 uke siden

    Microsoft: "We made a box."