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  • 7. jun. 2020

  • As nationwide protests over the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are met with police brutality, John Oliver discusses how the histories of policing and white supremacy are intertwined, the roadblocks to fixing things, and some potential paths forward. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/lastweektonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: www.facebook.com/lastweektonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: www.twitter.com/lastweektonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: www.hbo.com/lastweektonight


  • Saif A.
    Saif A. For 4 uker siden

    "you are lucky that black people are looking for equality and not revenge"

  • Karlene E
    Karlene E For 1 uke siden

    Mr. John Oliver: Through every moment of your show, your humanity was screaming its outrage at the inexplicable things that are the status quo in America. I just want to acknowledge that from what I saw and felt, you are a good human.

  • chip chrome
    chip chrome For 1 uke siden

    Can't believe that a satirical late night show is more educational than the news

  • Ann Marie Gal
    Ann Marie Gal For 6 dager siden

    As soon as he said “professional alarmist” I knew EXACTLY who was about to pop up on the screen.

  • Jérôme Lévesque-Boucher
    Jérôme Lévesque-Boucher For 1 uke siden (redigert)

    "To any viewers sitting at home shocked by the scenes of police brutality, I get it: i'm white too."

  • Peter Spliffin
    Peter Spliffin For 4 uker siden

    When the comedians care more than the politicians, you know you have a problem.

  • Michael Lim
    Michael Lim For 6 dager siden

    Your vote matters. There is no time that it is more important than now.

  • Stormbringer
    Stormbringer For 1 uke siden

    I really hope a change can be made. This world terrifies me

  • BunzeeBear
    BunzeeBear For 1 uke siden (redigert)

    "Lucky we're looking for equality and not revenge" It could go the other way, but they will still put up with this B.S. for NOW. I have never seen John Oliver sign off in such a serious manner.

  • Trae X
    Trae X For 1 uke siden

    The prison system is a private business. Hence more police, more prisoners. More prisoners, more profit. The "better" it looks on the "justice" system.

  • kizi180
    kizi180 For 4 uker siden (redigert)

    “Breonna Taylor was an award-winning EMT and model citizen. She loved her family and community. She worked at two hospitals as an essential worker during the pandemic. One month ago, a division of the Louisville Police Department performed an illegal, unannounced drug raid on her home. Not a single officer announced themselves before ramming down her door and firing 22 shots, shooting Breonna 8 times, killing her.

  • Chillon Funsmart
    Chillon Funsmart For 1 uke siden

    I hope they aren't "too nice" when they arrest Trump and put him in a police vehicle.

  • Rizzle Mental
    Rizzle Mental For 1 uke siden (redigert)

    Thank you, John Oliver has tears in his eyes just like how someone who has a heart in his chest.

  • Vinay Kapadia
    Vinay Kapadia For 6 dager siden

    Wow that whole speech at the end was incredible. But that very last line she said? "They are lucky that what black people are looking for is equality, and not revenge." WOW that hits hard.

  • Betonoszlop
    Betonoszlop For 6 dager siden

    Yea, there is no way to write a parody musical for topics like this current situation

  • aslandus
    aslandus For 4 uker siden

    I would think that if paperwork was enough to discourage an officer from drawing a gun, the situation may not have warranted a gun to begin with

  • Emily Speck
    Emily Speck For 2 dager siden

    Imagine a therapist having a “let me drop everything” sign in their room

  • Jaycee Wedmak
    Jaycee Wedmak For 1 uke siden

    To have mentally, emotionally, physically healthy adults we need to start with mentally, emotionally, physically healthy children. Small classrooms (20 students), small schools (500 students), 2 EA's in every classroom, at least 1 CYW per 2 classrooms (not per 2 grades). Any parents, grandparents, guardians, relatives who are able to volunteer in the school, at recess and lunchrooms, even if just one morning a week and also after school homework class and extra-curricular activities - this shows children that adults in their life care and it builds community. If there is a cafeteria in the school, make the food healthy - bring back home ec (and wood/metal shop). Music and art are very important for young minds. School could be the centre of each community if we truly care about who our future adults will be. (Religious institutions as well.)

  • Tamarra James
    Tamarra James For 1 uke siden (redigert)

    When you militarize the police, equipping them with tanks and rocket launchers...how ever can you expect them not to want to try them out.🖤🇨🇦

  • cptnDuro
    cptnDuro For 6 dager siden

    John out here as one of the only woke white folks trying to put huge political and social issues in perspective on the media platform