Patrice Evra breaks down into passionate rant after Man Utd's 6-1 defeat to Spurs Last ned

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  • 4. okt. 2020

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  • Mahdi Elmi
    Mahdi Elmi For 3 uker siden

    We laughed at Mourinho when he said finishing 2nd with Manchester United is his biggest accomplishment. If only we knew how right he was....

  • Blå Kläder
    Blå Kläder For 3 uker siden

    He shows more passion than the players themselves.

  • Kevin Black
    Kevin Black For 3 uker siden

    The one piece of the problem is that, now we have overrated little boys, who couldn't even clean the shoes of former United players like Evra, Cristiano, Rio, Vidić, Giggs, Scholes. Cristiano, when something went wrong, when he made a mistake in the match, he went to train in Carrington to improve this element, no matter when and under what conditions - rain, night, dawn etc. Clegg told these stories. There used to be men playing for this club who wanted to win, who had talent, passion and work ethic. Now, this team is dominated by people who are interested in glory first, before they do any work to be able to really brag about anything.

  • Aman Debnath
    Aman Debnath For 3 uker siden

    "There's Liverpool-Villa coming up right now so we don't want to you leave yet"

  • Lionel Yang
    Lionel Yang For 3 uker siden

    Sancho 125M ?

  • Mr Jones
    Mr Jones For 3 uker siden

    "I don't promote the violence but many people need a slap right now at this club" One of the best quotes ever!

  • Chimaoge Ibe
    Chimaoge Ibe For 3 uker siden

    Man U are so bad they've turned Patrice Evra into Roy Keane

  • Shuaib Said Year 11
    Shuaib Said Year 11 For 3 uker siden (redigert)

    United fans stressed and distraught after loss Liverpool came in and said youll never walk alone

  • Jason Kennedy
    Jason Kennedy For 3 uker siden

    Imagine how much a defeat hurt Evra as a player, this is what true pride looks like, characters like him needed no motivation to perform. (Liverpool fan.)

  • Chelsea10 CFC
    Chelsea10 CFC For 3 uker siden

    Souness giggling having no clue what was going to happen at Villa Park 😂😂

  • Jeremy Oon
    Jeremy Oon For 3 uker siden

    I would pay money to see Harry Maguire being seated with Roy Keane on his left, and Patrice Evra on his right.

  • Tahmedur Rahman
    Tahmedur Rahman For 3 uker siden

    As a United fan, I absolutely adore Patrice Evra. He is one of the most if not the most humble United player to have played for Man United. He is absolutely passionate and humble. As a United fan myself I am heartbroken and upset. We feel your pain Patrice!

  • Ash
    Ash For 3 uker siden

    As a Tottenham fan, I grew up knowing how huge Man U is. Seeing a legend like him getting absolutely emotional does breaks our hearts.. Heads up all of you 💙

  • Ryan Rahmani
    Ryan Rahmani For 3 uker siden

    Evra said he doesn’t promote violence, imagine what Roy Keane would have said😹. No but for real what was that performance. Let’s hope we get a centre-back in January

  • xtrey19x
    xtrey19x For 3 uker siden

    The English press loves to blame Lidelof for Maquire’s poor performances. Maguire is just not good, he’s not been good at all.

  • Abdullah Bangi
    Abdullah Bangi For 3 uker siden

    I would pay money to see Roy Keane's reaction to this game

  • James Underwood
    James Underwood For 3 uker siden

    I like how Evra is the only pundit I know of who has actually suggested taking Maguire out of the team!

  • Yakuza Rage
    Yakuza Rage For 3 uker siden

    The last guy still playing with the old Man Utd DNA is CR7. The teams of the last decade ain't got it and I'm not even a Man Utd fan.

  • mikin lirou
    mikin lirou For 1 uke siden

    What did you expect united from this season? Evra : " nothing" 😂😂( epic)

  • Brandon Mahabir
    Brandon Mahabir For 3 uker siden

    The mentality of this squad is "we concede a goal" drop your shoulders shake your head an reset. Back in Evra's day he would be yelling at everyone even if we were 3 goals up....