Jordan Henderson celebrates the Premier League title with Jamie Carragher 🍾🏆 Last ned

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  • 25. jun. 2020

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  • Ani Rudh
    Ani Rudh For 2 uker siden

    This man is the first Liverpool captain in history to win the UCL and prem

  • Uncle Terry
    Uncle Terry For 2 uker siden

    Imagine being carragher’s child, looking out of your window to see your dad in the back garden screaming at a camera and throwing champagne at it.

  • N. Macken
    N. Macken For 2 uker siden

    i love how carra was getting more and more frustrated every time he got cut off haha

  • TheMRiches
    TheMRiches For 2 uker siden

    As a Sunderland fan, nothing makes me happier to see the pure passion in Hendo. What a role model, Liverpool have a quality captain here with many more seasons to follow

  • Odyssey Studios
    Odyssey Studios For 2 uker siden

    On the BT Sport stream when they spoke to Henderson they accidentally revealed the zoom email of the Liverpool team and every 2 seconds there was like a thousand friend requests loool

  • Fan Site
    Fan Site For 2 uker siden

    The Man who was called a mistake when first brought to the club has now become the most successful Liverpool captain in the Premier league era

  • Lee Taylor
    Lee Taylor For 2 uker siden

    Hendo will go down in history as one of the greatest Liverpool leaders! Two years ago he was the butt of all the jokes now he's having the last laugh! Well done Hendo lad!!

  • William Keenan
    William Keenan For 2 uker siden

    I’m a Chelsea fan. Liverpool have deserved this for the last 2 years. 10/10 what an unstoppable side ❤️ congratulations Jurgen and all the players and staff. Absolutely phenomenal ❤️❤️

  • AndyLouis2506
    AndyLouis2506 For 2 uker siden

    Hendo’s arms must be starting to hurt now, lifting all that Silver Ware 🤣🤣

  • vliduu zeeb
    vliduu zeeb For 2 uker siden

    Every time carragher goes to talk someone speaks at

  • Rishabh 31
    Rishabh 31 For 2 uker siden

    Henderson was the last one left from the dreaded 2010-2016 era for liverpool.. after so many ups and downs.. he must be the one who feels this success as the most valuable.. congrats to him..

  • Trent Davies
    Trent Davies For 2 uker siden

    "You've been batting us off, no need to bat us off anymore" LOL.

  • Ricardo Solis Viruete
    Ricardo Solis Viruete For 2 uker siden

    I remember when Gerrard geve him Capitancy of the team, everyone had doubts, omg

  • Simon Bahn
    Simon Bahn For 2 uker siden

    Klopp is a legend, what he did to this Club is making me believe that everything is possible. I love you Jürgen

  • O F
    O F For 2 uker siden

    They waited 30 years for this. Arsenal fam here and this why I love the special game. The universe will always give you what you deserve. Well done Liverpool 👏🏾👏🏾

  • Sajjad Khan
    Sajjad Khan For 2 uker siden

    You can see the genuine passion in him. He may not be the most technical player, but Henderson really is a wonderful captain

  • Kev Pearson
    Kev Pearson For 2 uker siden

    From a life long United fan, can't deny the scouse deserve it this year, fair play lads...

  • Green Gaming
    Green Gaming For 2 uker siden

    This reminds me when hendon cried with his dad

  • ZE ZE
    ZE ZE For 2 uker siden

    Fantastic stuff Hendo, I remember when the majority of the fan base wrote you off.

  • The Man
    The Man For 2 uker siden

    Pleased to see him have a tear or two, men are allowed that, even if they think they're not.