It‘s So Hard Not To Laugh At This Last ned

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  • 1. okt. 2020



  • FuzionDroid
    FuzionDroid For 4 uker siden

    not gonna lie i'm so used to seeing the red hair that now the black hair seems odd

  • Ken
    Ken For 2 uker siden

    JJ: try not to laugh. Also JJ: laughs at everything

  • Yt
    Yt For 1 uke siden

    "what color was the baby's shirt?"

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader For 3 dager siden

    The dislikes are stormtroopers that missed the like button

  • Toni Imperator
    Toni Imperator For 3 dager siden

    Jj‘s head Looks like a Huge Spider

  • Howieazy
    Howieazy For 4 uker siden

    People tagged me just told me KSI reacted to my TikTok, I feel honored haha thank you 😂

  • Spaghetti Sauce
    Spaghetti Sauce For 5 dager siden


  • A _BC
    A _BC For 2 uker siden

    No one:

  • Jaweria Hussain
    Jaweria Hussain For 2 uker siden

    i shouldn’t have watched this at 2am everyones asleep and i’m cackling

  • brando
    brando For 4 dager siden

    POV: your tired of seeing the comment that says that jj laughed at everything when it was a try not to laugh video

  • JuicyMagic TV
    JuicyMagic TV For 4 uker siden

    There’s something different about ksi I wonder what that is 🧐

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    I pray who ever reads this becomes successful

  • Bennett DeCore
    Bennett DeCore For 2 uker siden


  • CallMeAli
    CallMeAli For 2 uker siden

    Video Title:

  • Ethan Bibb
    Ethan Bibb For 2 uker siden

    I swear the mask guy has a vibrator on his head...

  • Tpulse
    Tpulse For 4 uker siden

    Damn his hair got overcooked

  • Oliver Evans
    Oliver Evans For 1 uke siden

    Why hasn’t he deleted his account yet? Vik is slangin

  • Zacharias
    Zacharias For 2 uker siden

    If you ever feel useless remember that this is a try NOT to laugh challenge

  • Tye Bonney
    Tye Bonney For 2 uker siden

    Why is a building called a building if it’s already built

  • Y EZ
    Y EZ For 2 uker siden

    Did anyone else think he was gonna react to the 90 day fiancé clip in the thumb nail? But realised it’s not even in the video 😭