I tried Bruce Lee's training program! Last ned

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  • 16. okt. 2020

  • NEW stuff at Rungne! ► https://rungne.com/collections/all Music and Sound Effects: http://share.epidemicsound.com/vSnfn (30 day free trial) - In the Name of Love - Asteroid One - Drop Dead - One Man Town - Award - Gloomy Thoughts - We're at Wit's End - Bubinga - Zoombies From Outer Space - Afternoon Fireworks - Let's Go Go Go - Strollin' - Badlands I tried Bruce Lee training program. This training program was supposed to be the pillar of his strength. Sponsors: - Toyota - Scarpa #4K


  • Trevon
    Trevon For 1 uke siden

    Magnus selling T-Shirts is kinda ironic.

  • Ethan Joel
    Ethan Joel For 1 uke siden

    Bruce Lee says be like water

  • Alfie Parker
    Alfie Parker For 1 uke siden

    Forearm training program would be cool. Lee's forearm were ridiculous

  • greg ebbert
    greg ebbert For 1 uke siden

    Buying one of your T-shirts for the girlfriend. Hoping she knows how they're supposed to work.

  • BreachSheff
    BreachSheff For 1 uke siden (redigert)

    Magnus, huge fan. Genuinely, found you through Juji & Tom and been a fan of your stuff for a while now so props for everything you do!

  • Murk
    Murk For 1 uke siden

    Magnus: let me know if my form is bad

  • M browny
    M browny For 1 uke siden

    Came here so early magnus still has his top on

  • Hampsted
    Hampsted For 1 uke siden

    Because you asked for it... On the clean and press, you're doing something that resembles a deadlift to a close-grip hang snatch (which I don't think is a real thing). What you want to do is take the barbell from the ground in one motion and bring it to a front rack position (barbell resting on the shoulders across your clavicle with your elbows out in front of the bar). Typically with a clean, you'll catch it in some variation of a squat. A power clean, you're catching it with a >90 degree bend in your knees. For a clean (or full clean), you catch it in a full squat and stand it up. From there you press it overhead. Not sure whether the press is meant to be a strict press or push press. If you're doing strict, your legs don't move and you press the bar directly overhead using your shoulders/triceps. If it's a push press, you do like an eighth/quarter squat so that you can use your legs to generate upward momentum on the bar to help press it overhead.

  • Kevin Toussaint
    Kevin Toussaint For 1 uke siden

    Can't wait for Juji and Tom's input on Magnus his form. Awesome vid again man.

  • special case
    special case For 1 uke siden

    Few pointers (i'm by no means an expert)

  • DeeEl
    DeeEl For 1 uke siden

    Magnus: No climbing for 1 month = Flashes V8

  • Senna Renting
    Senna Renting For 1 uke siden

    Someone: "You have to be careful with gym equipment"

  • Lan Sinha
    Lan Sinha For 1 uke siden

    Just when I was about to get to work, Magnus pulls me back in.

  • Jefferson Ramsey
    Jefferson Ramsey For 1 uke siden

    Upright rows and behind the neck overhead are outdated lifts. They are exercises with relatively high injury rate.

  • Minato
    Minato For 1 uke siden (redigert)

    Why is this video called "I tried Bruce Lee's training program!" and not "This is by far my best edited climbing video ever yet, with on point explanations to every problem" ?

  • Mikkel Berg Torpe
    Mikkel Berg Torpe For 1 uke siden

    So excited for “mesternes nester” after christmas. Also going to OKS tomorrow :))

  • Casey Cronan
    Casey Cronan For 1 uke siden

    Yeah, I'd definitely watch the forearm workout if you decide to film it.

  • Rodrigo Tompson
    Rodrigo Tompson For 1 uke siden

    Dude! Your left arm is way weaker than your right arm! You can tell because of the inclination of the bar hahaha.

  • Daryl Lim
    Daryl Lim For 1 uke siden

    commenting for the algorithm but also,

  • Karnav Desai
    Karnav Desai For 1 uke siden

    Let's take a moment and appreciate just how hard Magnus works. In the last video after an arguably heavy business day, he set the route from 12 to 3 in the night. Then he sended it. Then he dropped Marte at the hotel, came back and took the route down the same day. I wish I had dedication and commitment like him. Respect.