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  • 25. jun. 2020

  • hey guys! this video took way too long to make but i hope you like it. i'm in no way an animator so i just tried doing my best on my own. didn't watch any tutorials on animation or anything so i'm sure it could have been way better in tons of ways. basically, i just went into photoshop and traced/drew frame by frame and then put it all together. and yes i used those items to create the sounds you're hearing. ok anyway thanks for watching! my social media: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE:


  • SethEverman
    SethEverman For 1 uke siden

    thank you for all the support always. let's see how fast this video gets copyright claimed.

  • Sefa Emre İlikli
    Sefa Emre İlikli For 1 uke siden

    at the end of every seth everman video I feel like I've been woken up too soon from a happy dream

  • Uri Stramer
    Uri Stramer For 3 dager siden

    The last four seconds:

  • Ben Hembruch
    Ben Hembruch For 3 dager siden

    The best part. “You are not immune to Propaganda.” The animation was great. Very 80s which fits.

  • Aiden G
    Aiden G For 2 dager siden

    Why is nobody talking about the Mario in the back of the room with a cowboy hat and upside down sunglasses

  • Fullsun Lee
    Fullsun Lee For 2 dager siden

    I don’t know what’s more blinding, his head or his talent.

  • ShiningFennec
    ShiningFennec For 1 uke siden

    He's a magician

  • TheTextFace - Brawl Stars
    TheTextFace - Brawl Stars For 1 dag siden


  • Jay Salvador
    Jay Salvador For 2 dager siden

    The people who dislikes this must be hate Mario and Bowser kissing.

  • Mound'N
    Mound'N For 3 dager siden

    So weirded out by the fact that he wears his shoes while hes at home.

  • aaron barbosa
    aaron barbosa For 3 dager siden

    This song was named after rays of sunlight hitting his head

  • Daniel Thrasher
    Daniel Thrasher For 1 uke siden

    Excellent use of the toilet, Seth. I just poop in mine.

  • Aqua Falcony
    Aqua Falcony For 1 dag siden

    My friend: what instrument do u play?

  • 我很好
    我很好 For 3 dager siden

    This man thought he can play Blinding Lights without us noticing.

  • GigaByte Film Studios
    GigaByte Film Studios For 2 dager siden

    "The Kubrick Stare" is one of director Stanley Kubrick's most recognizable directorial techniques. A method of shot composition where a character stares at the camera with a forward tilt, to convey to the audience that they are at the peak of their derangement

  • Voi viineri!
    Voi viineri! For 2 dager siden

    Think about the Chinese people who miss masterpieces like this because they don't have YouTube.

  • Kosaku Kawajiri
    Kosaku Kawajiri For 1 uke siden

    And when the world needed him most,

  • I wanna die !!!
    I wanna die !!! For 1 dag siden

    Sad to see that the title wasn’t “balding lights” :(

  • JD V
    JD V For 2 dager siden

    Pianists: nooooo you should look at the piano and play it with emotions

  • Captain Canoy
    Captain Canoy For 2 dager siden

    Music Teacher: Uhh, kid what instrument do you usually play?