HIGHLIGHTS | Aston Villa 7-2 Liverpool Last ned

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  • 4. okt. 2020

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    ENTAMOTY For 3 uker siden

    Here is why I don’t bet 😂😂

  • Chawan & Hemin Vlogs
    Chawan & Hemin Vlogs For 2 uker siden

    Aston villa's video on the trending list of YouTube :O

  • Albert Kiss
    Albert Kiss For 3 uker siden


  • Shinkin
    Shinkin For 1 dag siden

    Aston Villa: "Lets pretend we score a goal"

  • zoug boug
    zoug boug For 2 uker siden

    I would just like to congratulate the Liverpool Fc defence for an amazing demonstration on social distancing.

    VICHANA SAR For 3 uker siden

    Unexpectedly ... It has happened ... 7:2 .. lit history

  • ImActuallyNK
    ImActuallyNK For 2 uker siden

    Let's reach 7.2 million views

  • Vibratorn
    Vibratorn For 2 dager siden

    “Stop defending like elfs on the shelfs”

  • existentialboii 254
    existentialboii 254 For 3 uker siden

    The real hero of this match: that ball

  • itkojecockot
    itkojecockot For 3 uker siden

    looks like Liverpool didn't win this game, but they were still able "to make history" :D:D

  • ELP
    ELP For 3 uker siden

    This so amazing

  • David Layman
    David Layman For 3 uker siden

    Im a United supporter n after that weekend my teacher(who is a Chelsea fan) couldnt stop laughing at all the Liverpool n United fans. He even dropped some roasts while he was teaching lol

  • Mighty Villan
    Mighty Villan For 2 uker siden

    My 2 year old daughter now has a very warped idea of how many times daddy screams and goes crazy in matches of football!

  • Fernando Moreno
    Fernando Moreno For 3 uker siden

    This is literally a game of fifa, like 4 of Aston's were deflections tf

  • Giovanni I
    Giovanni I For 3 uker siden

    When you've been playing on Semi-Pro the whole year and try Legendary for the first time

  • Christian Low
    Christian Low For 3 uker siden

    i like how everyone has to come here to see the highlights because Liverpool didn't post it HAHAHAHAHA

  • MrAvocado
    MrAvocado For 2 uker siden

    They lost because someone touched the “This Is Anfield” sign sometime that week.

  • Poipoi Iopiop
    Poipoi Iopiop For 3 uker siden

    Respect Aston villa

  • COC Lim
    COC Lim For 3 uker siden

    Game of “reflections”? Lol 😂

  • Ferda Mravenec
    Ferda Mravenec For 3 uker siden

    That cazoo sponsor is giving some special powers to aston villa and everton