First 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden Last ned

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  • Strømmet direkte 29. sep. 2020

  • President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participate in the first 2020 presidential debate in Cleveland, OH.


  • Laura Legends
    Laura Legends For 1 md. siden

    They need an Italian grandma as the moderator lol

    MOHASAL MEDEH For 22 timer siden (redigert)

    The whole debate presidential thing is A JOKE Two old man yelling at each other while home employee said ˢⁱʳ ᵖˡᵉᵃˢᵉ ᵠᵘⁱᵗ

  • Kerri Ramler
    Kerri Ramler For 19 timer siden

    "It's going to create thousands of millions of jobs" - Joe biden

  • I microwave children
    I microwave children For 1 dag siden

    I feel like a polish grandma would be a better moderator

  • Suhani Soni
    Suhani Soni For 2 dager siden

    The moderator should a mom who has spent the lockdown with her kids.

  • Emily Barney
    Emily Barney For 1 md. siden

    Gordon Ramsey would be a much better moderator for the next debate.

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu For 1 dag siden

    “would you shut up, man?” LMFAOO

  • AløEndz
    AløEndz For 6 dager siden

    Obama was prolly laughing his ass off at this.

  • jim stewart
    jim stewart For 1 uke siden

    In the second debate they said they would mute their mics to prevent interruption, i think a taser would work better.

  • I Dont Have Three Dollars
    I Dont Have Three Dollars For 1 uke siden

    Lmao this is such a good show! Imagine if they were running for president?

  • Watty
    Watty For 4 uker siden

    As a Canadian, this is my favourite American comedy show

  • What
    What For 1 dag siden

    I feel sorry for all the translators (especially if they’ve got to translate this debate live)

  • Spamus Music
    Spamus Music For 2 dager siden

    Jesus, that poor Moderator

  • Eemi Mikkilä
    Eemi Mikkilä For 2 dager siden

    ”You’re debating him not me”

  • Shoto Todoroki’s Wife
    Shoto Todoroki’s Wife For 5 dager siden

    Is this a debate or a stand up 😂

  • Can Sancar
    Can Sancar For 1 md. siden

    Americans: We're doomed.

  • Dan R.
    Dan R. For 1 uke siden (redigert)

    It was a fantastic debate for everyone watching except if you are an American.

  • tom hastler
    tom hastler For 2 dager siden

    this is the future of our country how you want our president to keep quiet about it he's defending us trump 2020 and 2024

  • Animation Space
    Animation Space For 1 uke siden

    At this point, I think a hamster could be president.

  • Sunday Diamonds
    Sunday Diamonds For 2 dager siden

    I think both of them are gonna be a bad influence on America is this really the best?